October 6, 2022


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Creatures That Problem The Concept Of Evolution

The traditional velvet worm for which scientists have found fossils from the Cambrian interval, some 520 million years in the past based on their calculations, predates dinosaurs and challenges scientific evolutionary assumptions.

Astronomers clarify the Huge Bang occasion as originating at a single level that expanded to kind the universe that’s persevering with to stretch. The idea that life kinds sprang out of that enlargement and developed as they’re being encountered at this time principally sums up one widespread principle of evolution which subscribes to the idea of the survival of the fittest.

The velvet worm, an invertebrate (phylum Onychophora), might be discovered within the rain forests of Australia and moist coastal areas in South America.

The query is, “How may the velvet worm evolve to develop two glands on both aspect of its head, ones that comprise slime that the velvet worm ejects by contracting its muscle mass so as to shoot a stream of slime to debilitate its prey: spiders, crickets and woodlice?”

The velvet worm depends upon water and moist areas for its habitat, and its gentle velveteen trunk measures 0.6” to six”because it scurries on quick, thick legs.

One other query is, “How may it develop jaws that it makes use of to open up its prey to inject digestive saliva so as to suck out the liquefied insides?”

Additionally, “How may it develop oval papillae that challenge fast hardening slime as its defensive weapon and develop the sense (it does have a mind) to twist right into a ball for cover as soon as somebody picks it up?”

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Moreover, “Why does the scarlet worm upon its demise produce a substance from its physique that can be utilized to dye clothes crimson whereas different comparable worms do not need the substance or the opposite traits listed?”

Then there’s the archerfish, the one recognized fish of the 33,000 species which have the flexibility to swim to the floor the place it squirts a stream of water as much as 5 toes into the air so as to knock an insect off a department as a part of its searching means.

The query regarding its means to feed in that manner is, “Why is it that the archerfish is the one one on Earth that has been found to have that functionality?”

The American Museum of Pure Historical past estimates that there are 18,000 species of birds. Of the avian species, the woodpecker stays distinctive in that its lengthy tongue based mostly at its jaw wraps round its cranium on a particular construction known as the hyoid equipment which serves as a shock absorber for its mind in the course of the woodpecker’s fast and forceful pecking.

The query stays, “Would the woodpecker not have exploded its mind pecking so arduous earlier than the particular shock absorber construction was developed to soak up the shock?”

Additionally, the woodpecker has eyelids that shut robotically every time its beak strikes what it’s pecking so as to maintain its eyeballs from coming out of its head, giving rise to a different query, “How may the woodpecker develop its means to robotically shut its eyelids on the exact second of every strike of its beak in opposition to a tree earlier than damaging its eyes in the course of the developmental course of?”

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One other conundrum regarding the principle of evolving species has to do with the whale that provides delivery underwater.

The query is, “How may the whale develop its anatomy to feed its new child calf that may drown making an attempt to feed underwater?”

The mom whale, also known as a cow, has developed inverted nipples at her mammary gland.

The calf inserts its tongue into the U-shape tube in order that water doesn’t drown the calf, and since whales don’t have any lips, the mom whale squirts her milk into the mouth of her calf, giving rise to the query, “How was the mom whale’s anatomy developed and that strategy of feeding acquired earlier than all calves died, rendering the whale as extinct?”

The distinctive life kinds and fossil data on Earth elevate many questions regarding the Huge Bang principle and different scientific theories in regards to the origin of the universe and life on Earth the place the fossil document disappears with Vishnu Schist, the basement rock, deep contained in the Grand Canyon.