October 2, 2022


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Four Beauty Essentials Which Will Save Your Time And Money

It may seem counterintuitive, but spending money on certain beauty products can actually be a huge money saver! How?

Because spending on certain things might mean a cut down in other areas or by buying one multi-use product you can eradicate loads of other things you regularly purchase.

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So, what are the top four beauty essentials you should invest in to keep yourself fresh and fabulous, and still be easy on the wallet?

1. Highlighter

Good to glow! As the name suggests, Face and body highlighter can be used on multiple body parts and for multiple purposes – a true all-rounder! Sweep on the apple of your cheek to enhance cheekbones, dot under eyebrow arch to brighten the eye area and dust over decolletage for a bit of sparkle and intrigue.

Highlighter comes in multiple forms too – cream, loose powder and pressed powder – so choose the most convenient and relevant form (and size!) for you. If you travel a lot or you are regularly on the move, a cream-based highlighter is a safer bet (less powder mess!)

2. Coconut oil

A true superfood for your insides and out! Put coconut oil on the dry skin for moisture, use it to smooth hair and give glossy shine. Coconut oil is an excellent makeup remover that’s gentle on all skin types and is useful to help clean makeup brushes.

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Mix a little coconut oil into your favourite powder or eyeshadow for a creamier effect, that will ensure makeup stays on even longer. Finally, coconut oil works wonders as a lip balm and will leave your lips baby smooth and plump.

3. Good mascara

This one’s obvious – mascara will draw attention to your eyes and keep your lashes fab. But don’t stop there! Mascara can be used to tame and shape your eyebrows too – just be careful, if you use a black mascara, that you go lightly!

And don’t throw out old tubes and brushes. If you’ve ever had lash extensions fitted, you’ll know that you can’t use normal makeup in the weeks following. A clean mascara wand will do wonders to curl and separate your natural lashes without clumping or the look of “heavy” makeup.

4. Tea tree oil

Another all-around miracle oil, tea tree is famed for more than just its delicious scent. If you’re prone to breakouts, tea tree is your new best friend – because it is antibacterial, tea tree helps kills the nasty bugs which cause pimples on your skin.

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Dot onto a spot and watch it dry up in front of your eyes! If you’re not feeling 100%, tea tree is great for coughs and colds too. Simply place a few drops on a tissue and inhale deeply, and feel as your sinuses clear!

So, there you have it! The top four beauty essentials which will save you time, and money. This post was brought to you by beauty copywriting service Copify.

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