September 27, 2022


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Guide On Canadian Diamond Engagement Ring

If you are in search of something unique and authentic with a given knowledge of its origin, then consider an ethical Canadian diamond for your Engagement Ring Setting.

The Nature of Canadian Diamond

A diamond is a diamond, and so Canadian diamonds are not so much different when it comes to their essential character. Scientifically speaking it’s the hardest substance in the world, made up of pure carbon, which is a naturally occurring mineral formed through the compression of carbon in conditions of high temperature and pressure.

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All earth-mined diamonds irrespective of their origin, be it Russia, Australia, Canada or Africa, they will always possess the same chemical composition, physical & optical properties, and characteristic features.

Evidently, all-natural diamonds will have the same substantial Beauty – due to appealing attributes like brilliance, transparency, color & distinctive inclusions; Rarity – because of limited amount of gem-quality stones, and Durability – allowing us to cut, polish, and fashion rough diamonds in many shapes and sizes without losing their quality nor preventing us from incorporating polished diamonds into jewels.

An Ethically Responsible Diamond Supply Chain

Canadian diamonds are 100% conflict-free and feature true fair-trade diamonds on the market which are available for your Ethical Engagement Ring or any other piece of jewellery.

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All Canadian diamonds are responsibly mined in Canada in accordance with Canada Mining Regulations and by utilizing state-of-the-art equipment and modern techniques making Canada Mining industry the world’s most sustainable and robust. Each mined diamond is laser inscribed and trackable from the place of origin to its final destination and comes with the Canadian certificate of authenticity the mine provides.

What is unique about Canadian Diamonds

Canadian diamond mines are the richest in the world with a high ratio of superior gem-quality diamonds which are known for their exceptional colour, clarity, high luster, and very low level of fluorescence. Obviously, these appealing, distinctive features are a big plus and should be taken into consideration while searching for a suitable quality centerpiece for your Diamond Engagement Ring.

Please note that all Canadian diamonds are certified, but also graded by the best grading gemological labs in the globe. They are sold with corresponding lab grading reports and certificates of origin with a unique number inscribed on each respective diamond’s girdle, allowing them to be easily identified and tracked to their country of origin.

Most Canadian diamonds are colourless with some available in yellow or brown colours.

Are Canadian diamonds more expensive?

Yes and No. I am afraid there is no straightforward answer to this question. According to available data, Canadian diamonds are 10% more expensive than other certified diamonds with similar qualities and properties due to their more expensive mining operations.

However, diamonds are the most desirable gem-quality gems, and the competition on the market is huge. So, it will be totally up to the diamond dealers and jewellery retailers to pass this to the end user / consumer or to stick to the fair market value based on the current demand.

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And to summarize, the latest data suggests that the current market price for Canadian diamonds is pretty much the same with no additional markup of 10%.

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The Benefits of Buying Canadian Diamond Engagement Rings
According to the latest news in the diamond and jewellery industry, Canadian diamonds are highly sought after all over the world because of their authenticity. These remarkable diamonds are part of a new rapidly developing trend in sustainable jewellery, especially in luxury jewellery brands.

I believe that buying a Canadian diamond Engagement ring will give you a rare opportunity to showcase a beautiful, unique, high-quality diamond with ethical provenance.

Canadian diamonds on

Linara Custom Jewellery specializes in Engagement rings and Wedding Rings set with ethical Canadian diamonds.

Our in-house certified gemologist and the master appraiser is eager to assist you in sourcing your best suitable Canadian diamond for your Ethical Bridal Jewellery and will be obsequious to all your jewelry demands.