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Kate Middleton – Wedding, Family & Facts – Biography

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful young woman named Kate Middleton who was living her life as a university student. She attended the University of St. Andrews where she was working toward a degree in the arts.

One day the beautiful Kate Middleton was participating within a fashion charity event at the school. She had decided to wear a see-through lace dress and when Prince William saw her; he was totally floored by breathtaking appearance.

Kate Middleton: A Modern Fairy Tale of Her Royal Highness the Duchess of Cambridge

The Prince knew he had to find out who this woman was. Of course, young Kate Middleton already knew about Prince William Arthur Philip Louis. He was the Duke of Cambridge and the second in line to the throne of England.

Kate knew that the Prince was a big catch and she wanted to know the man, behind the title. Prince William did not mind revealing himself to this alluring woman. He had to get to know her better.

So, the Prince made his advances toward young Kate and she yielded to his majestic presence. Young Kate was in the presence of a real-life Prince.

She was not just having a Princesses Anna moment (from the movie Frozen), but she was actually entertaining a real-life prince who could make all of her dreams come true.

Well, her least her fairy tale dreams of being swept off her feet by a real-life prince.

The two quietly continued to get to know each other before they went public with their relationship. During the course of their courtship Prince William, Kate Middleton and two of their other friends were roommates. They stayed together for about a few years in that arrangement.

As time had passed, the couple’s relationship was starting to cement. People outside of their circle began to notice that the Duke of Cambridge seemed like he was getting serious with young Kate.

Soon, the dreaded photographers known as the paparazzi started to show up. They wanted to exploit the relationship between Kate and the Prince.


Prince William was extremely wary of the paparazzi. They were linked to the tragic death of his famous mother Diana, Princess of Wales. The Duke of Cambridge understands that he (and the Royal family) are highly coveted public figures.

However, he knows that their privacy must be protected. He is adamant about this point because of his mother’s passing.

The Prince and his father Charles, Prince of Wells, warned the paparazzi about harassing young Kate. The dreaded paparazzi adhered to the stern warning of the Prince and let young Kate have her privacy.

Still, they would rear their ugly heads again and to create more problems for the future Duchess.

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Meanwhile, the Prince and young Kate decided to call off their relationship in 2007. The couple decided to part ways for their own personal reasons.

However, the couple was still being seen out in public though they seemed to be apart. This secretive relationship lasted for about 3 years and in 2010 the couple announced their engagement.

The people all over England were shocked and surprised by the news. Though many people speculated that they were secretly dating and involved.

The Paparazzi Strikes Again

During the couple’s three years time apart, the paparazzi showed up again. The paparazzi secretly hounded the young Kate throughout the years she was involved with Prince William.

In 2009, they took pics of her while vacationing in Cornwall, in 2012 they caught her sun-bathing Topless while she was on holiday, again. The dreaded paparazzi did not want to respect the wishes of the Prince or young Kate.

By the way, young Kate was no longer “young” at this point. She was now a woman who had just come into her own.

Prince George and Princess Charlotte

The Hidden Side of Kate’s Life that she Chooses to Reveal

Now we will take interlude. Kate Middleton grew up in Reading, England. She is the daughter of Michael and Carole Middleton. Kate lived a fairly comfortable lifestyle because her family was well off.

They were wealthy, the Middle Clan was not poor at all. Her family has ties with British aristocracy which helped them to acquire their financial means which was estimated in the millions.

Kate is the oldest child in her family. She has a younger sister named Pippa and a brother named James.

Kate and her family briefly lived in Amman, Jordan. They ended up returning home and lived out the rest of her childhood in Reading.

As she grew older she stayed in different parts of the U.K. to attend school. She attended universities in Wiltshire, Scotland, Italy and even a brief stint in Chile.

Here are some interesting things about the Duchess of Cambridge worth noting. At one point she endured bullying at a local school she attended. At some of the schools she went to, her classmates referred to her as “Squeak”.

This was the name of the school’s guinea pig. Middleton is not affiliated with the United States but she has a common ancestor with the nation’s first president, George Washington.

That’s right, Sir William Gascoigne was their common relative. Their relationship would make her George Washington’s eighth cousin.

Here is something that you might find odd about the Duchess of Cambridge. She loves photography. This might seem like a contradiction since she does not like the paparazzi.

However, there is a difference. The Princess of Cambridge enjoys taking pictures of artistic expression. Remember, she’s an artist at heart. She does not go around exploiting people with a camera.

Kate Middleton started an all-female drinking society. That proves that Duchess might have a wild side. She’s a fashionista, a bit of an athlete, loves to cook and even scuba dives to boot.

That is a huge plus for the Duchess of Cambridge. She can navigate life undersea as well as life on land. Now, back to the rest of Kate’s story.

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The Marriage of the Duke of Cambridge and Kate Middleton

The year was approaching an end in 2010. Prince William and Kate Middleton knew that they could no longer play coy about their relationship and love for one another.

They finally announced their engagement. Then in April of 2011, they became husband and wife. She then became the Princess of Cambridge or more formally the Duchess of Cambridge.

Kate Middleton could never really claim the title of the princess because she is not of royal blood. So, she could never ascend to the throne as the queen of England.


Her children Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis could be future kings and queen of England because they have Prince William’s royal blood flowing through their veins. Still, Middleton is treated like a princess beyond a shadow of a doubt.

As a side note, Kate Middleton can be called the “Princess of Cambridge” because she is an unofficial princess of that jurisdiction. Still, she can never claim the full princess title because of hereditary laws pertaining to royalty.

The Life of Royal Bride

Kate Middleton became the Duchess of Cambridge back in 2011. During that time she has had many adventures and a lot of excitement as queen. She has been groomed for her position.

As the Duchess of Cambridge, she has royal duties that are carried out in the arts, charities, and advocacy. Did you know that the Duchess of Cambridge is a big supporter of mental health issues?

She is also fond of children and not just her own. She also addresses the universal problem of addiction and how impacts people in her royal jurisdiction, nation and aboard.

Middleton represents the Queen of England’s interest within the nation and abroad. She has to do this in addition to being a wife and a mother. The Princess of Cambridge knows that her duties are hard.

Just like any other modern woman, she gets tired of this work as well. Still, she enjoys her position and understands its importance. She does not want anyone to think that she is not grateful for her life and her calling as a royal family member.

The Lighthearted Side of the Princess of Cambridge

The Duchess of Cambridge is still in the prime of her life. She loves her children George, Charlotte, and Louis dearly. These young royals are 5, 3 and 1.

They are literal prince’s and a princess who has a literal claim to the throne of England. That is an awesome responsibility for a mom to have. She has to raise them like future kings and queens and she has to make sure that they are being parented in a way where they will understand this reality.

Still, Kate handles this part of her life like a pro. She tells us that when she first had all of her children, there was a lot of extra support. The support is not as strong, once each child turns at least 1-years-old.

The royal family is often seen out in public with one another. Kate takes her royal daughter Princess Charlotte with her on shopping trips. She even calls her young princess “Poppit”. This was the nickname that Prince William called her in the past.

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Princess Kate likes cooking for her family, running her home and handling the ins and outs of being a mother. Remember she is not always running around England or the world taking care of business.

Sometimes she has to stay at home and just be a mom. Once again, you can tell she doesn’t mind this job. Also, the Duchess of Cambridge has taken a long vacation (at least 6 months) off from the public spotlight. So, she knows when rest to recharge her life.

Whenever you see the Duchess of Cambridge she is a level headed woman who is not wound up, snappish or uptight. Her public appearance is very calm and she is poised. She knows how to talk to people, interact with the public and carry a conversation.

She is also kind to people. Many people who see the princess and interact with her can pick up this aspect of her personality.

Where is the Duchess of Cambridge Headed in 2019 and Beyond

The Duchess of Cambridge is back in 2019. She took a brief interlude away from the pubic eye with the birth of Prince George back in 2018. Now, she is ready to take on the world in a new way.

She is more committed than ever to the causes she has been chosen to serve. Kate is especially focused on improving the life of children in need all throughout England. She is partnering with some first-class organizations to reach this goal.

Her commitment to the arts has not faded. She still continues her endeavor within this field. Did you know that Kate Middleton is the only member of the person that has married into the family with an art degree?

She uses her knowledge of the arts to open up wings of museums and to help children with mental health issues find relief through art.

Here is an interesting aspect of the Duchess of Cambridge. She is an advocate for children. She goes out of her way to make their life happy by improving the quality of it.

This is now a big part of Kate Middleton’s life. The future for the Duchess is to work as hard as ever ensuring that children are being protected and headed in the right direction in life.

Final Word About Kate Middleton

Now, we are nearing the end of this talk about the Duchess of Cambridge. While this part of her life is over, the rest of her existence has yet to be recorded.

The Princess of Cambridge still has many more stories of her own to tell. Keep observing and paying attention to the public life of Catherine Elizabeth Middleton.

She has so much more than she is going to let the world know about her, her husband, her royal children and the role she will play in the future of England.