September 27, 2022


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Top Hair Care and Hair Extension Advice from Dallas Salon Experts

Want to care about your amazing hair and hair extensions? Find useful hair care and hair extension tips to get the perfect look for a long lasting beauty experience.

Whether it’s normal hair or hair extensions, taking care of it is not something you should ever compromise on.

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It would be best if you built up good habits in life and about taking care of your hair. Extensions are something that might require extra protection, but if you have gotten them, you might already know about it.

According to the best hair salon in Dallas, with well-organized care and attentiveness, your hair can become a head-turner.

Read on to read our tips to take care of your hair and hair extensions in the correct way.

Tips to care for hair with extensions

#1. Brush your hair

Combing your hair is the old, underappreciated way of caring for your hair. Whether its hair with or without extensions doesn’t matter, brushing is crucial.

To make sure your hair extensions stay healthy, the extensions require proper brushing. It’s identical to brushing normal hair. You can do it whether your hair is dry or wet.

The best salons around the world recommend that you must first dry your hair or hair extensions before brushing them.

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#2. Do not wash your hair every day

You don’t need to wash your hair every day. Give your hair time to breathe and adapt on their own. Please give them a couple of days or more, but don’t let them get too dirty or messy.

For hair extensions, it’s completely different. For normal hair, a couple of days or more are enough to wash your hair, but for hair extensions, you should clean them after around 30 years.

#3. Don’t worry, hair shed

No matter what you do, your hair is going to fall off. 100-150 strands of hair are known to shed every day if you have healthy hair. Brushing and untangling your hair helps.

Hair extensions are also going to shed hair, but you can take care of them to ensure they stay healthy alongside your natural hair. Untangling the hair helps.

#4. Use products that are suitable and tested

This is one of the essential steps in taking care of your hair. People often use products that do not suit their hair, but they are too lazy or busy to change their products.

You should always use high-quality products that compliment your hair perfectly and don’t take away the shine and health.

Experts recommend using conditioners from the same brands as the shampoos. The Salons in Texas use such products that don’t damage your hair.

#5. Life of hair extensions

The lifetime of the hair extensions is known to be anywhere around from a month to a year. It depends on the extensions you get and the way you take care of them.

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Your hair requires proper care and time, and Salon D in Dallas, Texas fulfills all of your hair care needs. Call them now to book an appointment or for any queries. (972) 788-0975 If you are not located in Dallas you can always type “hair salon near me” in your phone to find professional salons in your area.